Constant Sorrow

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The Sorrow Server is a private white-listed server.

It was started in 2013 as a 1.6 server for my family and myself to play on.  Beside my own server I also played on the Blame the Controller (BTC) free fan server.  When Mojang decided to change and enforce the EULA to stop server ripping off Minecraft players BTC closed the free and made the paid server a twitch sub server. 

During my time on the BTC server I made some friends and decided to invite them come join me on my server so they would have some where to play and stay together.  These People, CaptainJack555, ThaPolarBear, Scarlet7249, Princ3ssBoo, Diamond_Anvil, Cloudcutlip along with myself are the BTC7.  The BTC7 are perma-whitelist and will not be removed short of a major breach of the rules.

Over time I decided to open up the server to new members via application on the here on the website. I considered making the server open and not white-listed but ultimately thought it was better to keep the it a smaller, tighter community that is troll and griefer free.  I have also invited people to join so through this and the application we've gained some great members such as CaptainMoo25, WaldenPond and MissThunder.

In what is now 5 years of running my server We've only ever banned three people.  One for breaking the rules and stealing from others and two for poor attitude making life on the server not as fun for everyone else.

About the Maps

The Original World [DOWNLOAD] - no end or nether

The original world was small and feature only myself and family playing on it, At the time I was also playing the BlameTheController fan server.  When Mojang started to enforce the EULA, BTC decided to close the server and make it for twitch subs.  I decided to reset and open my server up to the some of the people I met playing there.

Second World [DOWNLOAD]
The server started out as a 1.7 map with 1500 world limit while waiting for 1.8's release.  The map was running for longer than expected due to the length of time it took for Mojang to get 1.8 out and then world boarder expanded to 15,000 blocks.  The Map was up for about 22 month and with both BTC member and people joining via the website we built nice community.

Third Map [DOWNLOAD]

In early 2016 we updated to fresh world with the release of the long awaited 1.9 update..  This world was tweaked in the custom setting with the dungeons spawn being raised slightly and 14,000 block world limit.  With the slightly over hyped 1.11 not living up to the expected potential most members lost interest by March of 2017 and it was decided that with 1.12 the world would reset again.

Fourth Map [DOWNLOAD]

May of 2017 it was decided that the server would update with the release of 1.12.  Spawn chunk we kept separate from the community area, a mooshroom island was designated the town and with the help of server member it was converted to lush green land rather than the fungus infected lands it started as.  It was decided that with the major changes announced in 1.13 that the a new world would be needed.

Fifth Map [DOWNLOAD]

August 2018 this map was started with the release of the 1.13 aquatic update.  Again spawn chunk were keep build free and a biome designated for the community town.  Players interest was burned out by February of 2019 and it was decided we would again reset for the 1.14 update.

New Members Welcome...

If you wish to join the server it is fairly easy. whether you are a regular Joe, a youtuber or a twitch streamer.  Join the site head to the forums where there is thread for application, simply copy the template and fill it out or head to the discord and sign up there.  It should be said that WE DO NOT tolerate griefers or trolls and if you are found to be either of them it would result in an instant ban by either myself or my mods.