Constant Sorrow

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General Server Rules and Stuff...

Standard Rule...

- Respect other players.
- Be Considerate, don't do something that will interfere with other game play. 
- No Mods or Hacks (instant ban)
- No X-Rays or using exploits (instant ban.)
- Do not use Glitches.  Duplication glitch can result in a ban if you are duping diamonds, emeralds etc or TNT.  Track is okay.
- Keep swearing/ bad language to a minimum.
- No Racism etc. (You know the drill)
- No Griefing!  This includes but is not limited to;
  # Stealing (taking crops is okay but always replant)
  # Killing live stock (Breed first if you need an animal or need food and don't take more than you breed.)
  # Killing pets and Horses.
  # Taking / Breaking / Burning or other wise removing blocks / rails / redstone etc. that isn't yours.

This server was built around a group of like minded friends, community is key part and your attitude should reflect that of those on the server.  

This is a vanilla server... almost!

If you don't know what that means you shouldn't be here!

 - Don't ask Admin or mods to teleport.

 - Don't ask Admin or mods for equipment.
 - Don't ask Admin or mods for blocks.
 - Don't ask for Admin or mods Ores.

JUST DON'T ASK! (unless absolute emergency.)

The Almost...

The server runs on Spigot, so we do have have to wait for their updates before the server updates.
We also run a few plugins such as Core Protect.  These are for server security as do white-list people and want to be able to roll back if they turn out of be griefer.

Since 1.13 introduce data packs we decided to add a few to the server to make life a little easier.  We currently run packs such as...
One player Sleep
Custom Crafting (list on the discord)
Death Message
Anti - Enderman Greifing
Dragon Drops (Elytra, Egg and Head)

We also have a custom book with select teleport commands to various communal locations such as Spawn, Community Town, End Portal, mining biomes. And an manual option to be put AFK.



If you are a member of the server you should be aware you are open to being pranked but there are rules.

- Pranks may use lava or TNT but cannot destroy other property or items.
- Should not result in death unless you know the prankee is okay with it. Some people take death count seriously.
- You should be prepared to help clean up if you are asked to.
- Follow the simple rule of ... Don't be dick!

Be part of the community...

Spawn (0,0) and the spawn chunks are reserved for projects such as a iron farm and are at my discretion.

We do however have a separate location set aside of community town, normally within a few hundred blocks of the 0,0, spawn point.

This area should be used for.
 - Town Hall 
 - Communal Crop Farms
 - Communal Animals Farms
 - Shops

This area is not for random buildings or homes.
You will be asked to remove such builds.
This is a functional area.

The Nether Hub.

Standard on most server these day the nether hub connect peoples bases and communal areas of the map together.   It normally starts out an mess of tunnel until someone decides to pretty it up.  This is task anyone can do and if you want to do it put yourself forward but be prepared to commit as it is a big task.  Once the project is taken on by someone, refer to them if you want to help.

Setting up Home...

Generally speaking the world will have a boarder set up, this is keep the world file size from getting too big.  Exploration in certain directions maybe restricted if and if it is there is be some kind of notice at spawn or the community town.  Please check for details.

Choose a build site carefully;

 - Don't build in someone back yard! 
 - Don't build large or obnoxious things within view of spawn or other members bases
 - Give others plenty of room. You don't know how big their build is going to be.
   # If your not sure ask them.
 - If your build is not appropriate I may ask for it to be removed or do it myself.

Mine shafts, Mining and Caving;
   No-one technically owns a mine or a cave however...

 - Be respectful, if someone build a house in an area they do have some claim over it.
 - If you find a mineshaft take what you need but should find someone else is/was there walk away and don't loot it!
 - Same goes for caves/tunnels if you are caving and find out someone is/was there walk away and don't loot it.
 - If you prefer to strip or branch mine then do that by all means.

Spawners, Mob farms & Redstone Builds; 

 - You are allowed to break spawners.
 - If you find spawner and want to build a farm sign it up.
 - Mob farms are allowed;
   # Community farms should be labelled and easy to find.
   # If they lag the server they will be decommissioned.
  # You may be kicked and the entities killed if you lag the server.
-If you use redstone and it lags it will be decommissioned.

Wither Fights
If you fight a wither please make sure you have the time and resources to get the job done.    We don't want stray wither bosses on the server.   If you have to leave mid fight please contact a mod either on the server if there is one or via the discord and they will destroy the wither, you may or may not get the skulls back in this case, it is at the discretion of the mod.

Strongholds, Villages, Temples, monument and mansions;

 - You may claim a strong hold, however the first complete or closest stronghold to spawn will be the communities.
 - The community stronghold is NOT to striped of the bricks and resources.
 - You may take bricks and resources from the secondary strongholds but no more than you need! (unless claimed)
 - You may lay claim to villages but mark it with a few signs.
 - You may claim both desert and Jungle temples but mark it as yours with a couple of signs.
 - You may claim Ocean Monuments but please leave signs marking it as yours.
 - You are not allowed to claim or raid mansions due to their rarity. 


Just because you can doesn't mean you should!  Some people take staying alive and not dying seriously so you should never attack anyone with the intention to kill.

 - Giving someone a slap with your weapon or a ping with an arrow is fine so long as you don't kill them.

   # If someone expressly say don't then don't.

 - If you want a fight, ask! but don't get offended if they don't want to.

 - Any entry into any kind of death games or other contest is the number one exception.  You know what you are getting into.



As a community we hold events both on the server and off it.  Group Events are usually held on a Friday evening (UK time).

The End Dragon (server event);
     Taking on the first End Dragon is often the first group event.  We get together and enter the End to slay the Dragon.  This is followed by End exploration, looking for end cities and the much wanted shulker shells.

Mansion Raid (server event);
     As mansion are rare as are their residents.  Once a mansion is located a raid is organised, we get together and head out not to kill the inhabitants of the mansion capture the illagers as they can be useful.

Ultra Hardcore (off server event);
    UHC is popular game mode where individuals or teams try to kill each other on a special map.  Our UHC's are held on a separate server to the main one, participation isn't mandatory but it is all just for fun.

Minecraft Bingo (off server event);
     Minecraft Bingo is a game made by Lorgon111. It is built in vanilla minecraft using command blocks.  A bingo card is generated (a map) and each player or team's gold is get bingo by collecting or crafting the items on the card.  This is held on a separate server to the main one


We are a community and Minecraft has a chat function so use.  Everyone is friendly and usually up for a chat.  We have a community Discord and this is the preferred method of communication outside the game but isn't necessary to part of the community. We also have a public voice chat channel which you are free to enter at any time.

General Chat Rules.
 - Don't get offended if someone doesn't chat

 - All Standard Rules Apply to Chat.

 - Some people just want to get on with their projects.

 - If you go AFK tell people or us the /me command. (/me AFK)

 - Don't pester to use voice chat. Some people don't use it!

All Rules are subject to change.