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Constant Sorrow
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1.12 probably isn't too far away and most seem to be on the side of reset. It has been suggested that we do an amplified map and it is an option but not everyone's machine can handle amplified terrain. I'd like for people to give a go as I wouldn't want to exclude anyone because they cant play.

This last map we used slightly increased dungeons however that doesn't work with amplified terrain. I like the idea of amplified terrain but I'd also like really bump up dungeons and increase the server difficulty. The server has always run on normal difficult, If we decided not to go with amplified terrain I think this should be bumped up to hard.

The world spawn (0,0) has always been the spawn town. This time however world spawn (spawn chunks) and the spawn town will not be the same place. And I'd also like a few rules for the spawn town provided everyone is in agreement.

As myself and Polar very much got into a business war on the last world I'd like to impose a few rules. A limit of what a shop can sell or provide a service. Shops cannot be all in compassing and sell everything and that people are limited to 2 or 3 shop to encourage activity from everyone.

Auto Fishers are very much over powered. If you watch Hermitcraft you're seen how quick the Hermits have got establish using them and I'd like to ban them. The Hermit also have all mob head drop via loot tables. Xisuma has said he will release this when he has it right, is this something you'd like to seen added to the server when the time comes?

As before the follow will be added:

World Borders will be in place.

Command blocks for 1 player sleeps.

Command blocks to stop enderman griefing.

Command blocks to Elytra drops when you kill a dragon.

Command blocks to increase shulker drop.

Finally, as so few people are logging to play the current map I would like to take it down and throw up creative flat world for people to log on to and build whatever takes their fancy until 1.12's (spigot) release.

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Howdy all :c)

So exited about a reset! Better go catch-up on all the upcoming updates!

Never was a big fan of amplified, but on the other hand I’ve never really played it much either, so if some want to try it, I’m more than willing to give it a go.

That said, I really liked the increased dungeons last season and would be in favour of raising the game’s difficulty too, so, if we can’t get that with amplified terrain, I’d tend to choose the latter.

Keeping the actual spawn away from the community area seems like a great idea and could greatly reduce lag problems.

Although it could be handled as a “code of conduct” more than a set of rules carved in stone, I’m good for restricting the items that can be sold and number of shops per player (but lest not forget that a little competition is always good to keep the prices, and sellers, reasonable) :cP

Agreed with banning the auto fish farms, they are rather OP and in my opinion take away a lot of the grinding fun, mostly in early game progression. Common! Natural fishing is awesome! Most relaxing pastime while watching TV :cP

As for the mob’s head drop it’s up to you, I don’t mind either way. But speaking of drops, maybe the shulkers could drop 2 instead of a randomised number that could sometimes be higher? Just seems more logical that way, one shulker killed, one craft-able box.

Being more of a farmer than a builder, I don’t personally care much for a creative server, but if others want to build there I’m sure I’d enjoy checking their builds out :c)

All that said, if I may, here are a couple things and ideas I’d like to add to this discussion:

- If players are interested, when the current server closes, would it be possible to get a world save available for download (size permitting).

- What would you think of a voice chat server available for us while we play? Discord seems to be the new replacement for Ventrilo and Mumble, and although I’ve never used it myself, friends that regularly do told me it’s was rather easy, light and reliable for a free program.

- Installing a world border is a must, but seeing that the mansions proved to be sometimes thousands blocks away, maybe we could set a limited area that remains open in only one cardinal direction?

- If members are interested, could we eventually think about setting up a recurring monthly event, such as a monthly UHC or Adventure Map game that could be a fun time for us all to meet at once and maybe keep some members coming back on a more regular basis?

On a final note, many thanks once again to CS for providing us with this server and the handful of awesome members always making it a friendly hangout. See ya out there soon!

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Constant Sorrow
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A world download shouldn't be a problem, I will also see if I can find the previous world and set that up for download too.

I'd like to hold occasional UHC with as many member as possible.   The one we held in January was fun and something I like to do again.

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I don't think i'd be able to handle the amplified terrain.thought i would be interested in trying out customized terrain from video's like this or some other random set up that has been posted.
I do agree afk fishing farms are quite strong and should be banned from use. Limiting shops is a good idea but i'd say keeping people to 1 or 2 would be a bit better so we don't over inflate market with items ect. I wouldn't mind dungeons being increased because the possiblities of multi spawner experience farms would be great and could lead to many different designs.

I have quite alot of experience with discord and can easily handle setting up a small discord server for it's players.

I'm in favor of a world border just due to the fact if we don't one person can crash the server with heading one way forever

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"A world download shouldn't be a problem, I will also see if I can find the previous world and set that up for download too."

That would be awesome! :cD

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Although I suggested it, amp'd terrain is fun late game with elytra etc, its tough going on PC's/servers and patience and might put people off. Maybe choose a seed with a spawn island (not too big) and have a mixture of biomes within 1500 blocks (ish) a mesa, ice spike plains and jungle and mega tiga are my favs. Spawn chunck can then remain basic with low entity loading.

Can I also get thoughts or a ruling on item duping? things like sand/gravel/concrete powder and dragon eggs. for the blocks its nice to not have to wreck the terrain to get materials, as for the eggs, it would be cool to cut out larger sections of bedrock in the nether ceiling to make it easier to build. if we are not keen, is it possible to set a config or command block for all dragons to drop an egg (as awell as elytra) upon death?


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Constant Sorrow
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I don't mind item duping, I've been known to dupe rail and tnt in my time but I can easily set up a command block for extra eggs on defeating the dragon.  Or I might see if I can get my head round the loot tables and do it that way.. make it an Elytra OR Dragon drop for the dragon. 

Amplifeid doesnt seem viable if people cant play it. I've tested my nephews laptop and it couldn't handle it but I might looking into the custom terrian configs to give us something a little different.

Also I was thinking maybe the spawn town should have a theme.  If you watch Foolcraft you'll see their spawn is 1920's New York, I 'm not suggesting that and I know its easier with modded to do that kind of thing but it might be interesting.

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i wouldn't mind a theme. Granted building up a spawn could take a lot of time depending on the theme

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