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Lacario has been banned for theft.

During the last few days I saw on the server world map he was at CaptainJack's and then a day or so later at CaptainMoo's bases.  

The first time I didnt think much of it, just he must of been traveling and passing though Jack's area and shortly there after logged  on to do some plugin testing and admin stuff , he immediately logged off as I came on.

After seeing him at CaptainMoo's so soon after seeing him round Jack I logged to investigate.  Seeing him at someones base once fair enough twice was suspicious as he has little if any knowldge of either person.  Again he logged off almost as soon as I got on, I took a look around Moo's base checking the chest using core protect anbd found that he has some 69 hrs before removed 44 diamond ore.  I check the other chest and found they hadn't been placed in any of them.  I then went back and checked CaptainJack's chest and found only 53 hours earlier the removal of 64 diamond ore.

Coreprotect Evidence CaptainMoos HERE
Coreprotect Image CaptainJacks HERE

Theft is an insta-ban.

Lacario is welcome to appeal and explain his actions.

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