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Constant Sorrow
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Minecon has been and gone and so the 1.11 features have been announced.


The Exploration Update:


Shulker Shell

Shulker Box (basically a vanilla backpack)


New Villager

The Cartographer (provides treasure maps)


Treasure maps (provides location of woodland masion, ocean monuments etc.)


Woodland Mansions (home to the Illagers)


The Illagers

- The Vindacator (wields Iron Axe, Hostile, Drop Emeralds)

- The Evoker (Summons a stream of fangs coming out of the floor, Summons Vexes, Hostile)

- The Vex (Small ghost like mob, wields sword, Hostile)


Totem of Undying (can save your life, provides buff and regen. Dropped by Evokers)



End Return Portals (in case you get lost in the end)


Observer Block (redstone, block update device)


And Llamas (not fond of wolves and like to spit, ridable, carry chest, will follow each other)


Full Details HERE

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Constant Sorrow
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I'm not sure the explorer update is the best name and here is what I feel about the 1.11 update.


Most excited for the shulker boxes, the lack of inventory has been an issue for a long time. My ender chest will stil be
me all the time but it now carry a few shulker boxes to expand my inventory.


Cartograpther and treasure maps seem pointless ot me, if you got a map where is the exploration and excitment Feels
like these wrere added to bulk out the update.


Woodland mansion and illagers look great and I'm going to try and find one but like jungle temple, ocean monuments
if you do it once you don't need to do it again it has limited appeal to me at least. Could make for an interesting farm
possible for emeralds.


Totem of Undying, if you are in a situation where I think I'm going to die, I tend to back away and regroup. The ideas
of plowing on and dying doesn't make sense to me even with the totem.


Keen to play with the observer block but smart people then me will put them to good use.


Llama, a ridable, transportable, inventory... We've had them since 1.7 they are called Donkeys and Mules. I'd like
more mobs like the polar bear. Different food sources, netrual mobs that can turns on you if you attack or if you get
too close. Deers, boars, snakes etc something to make the wild more interesting, to make exploration more interesting.


There is a lack of new blocks but from Jeb said on twitter a while ago I think 1.12 -1.15 will follow relitively quickly and
hope we will get certain stairs or slabs or dye-able blocks in the near future.


On the whole I don't think this update was worth the wait to minecon. But thats just me.



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I think the update is ok, but will the end raturn portals spawn if we already explored the islands?


-MrPancakeMix6 here!!

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Constant Sorrow
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I don't think so, only for new terrain which is okay as end will expand with poeple looking for shulkers.

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