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Constant Sorrow
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I have been playing Unturned lately and while single player is fun, mulitplayer is better.  I've been looking for
a server to play on but any server that has PVP has the problem is for the new player that the established
players shoot 
you on sight, while I could find a PVP fre server, a little PVP is fun.. if its done right.

If you don't know Unturned is a sandbox apocalypse survival genre game. Were you must survive the
zombie hoards, scavenge for supplies and to live off the land.  The game can be found on steam and is
on PC and MAC and is FREE to play and regularly updated.

I am willing to set a small server for any members that are interested in giving the game ago or already
play.  If you want to check out the game, Paul Soares Jr has large number of game play videos.  If just
2 or 3 of you are interested let me know by replying to thread..

Unturned on the steam store.

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Could be fun. Never tried the game but willing to give it a go if others join in :c)

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Constant Sorrow
Site Owner
Posts: 61

I've set up a small server anyoe wishing to join message me for the IP, Port and passsword

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Is the server still up?


-MrPancakeMix6 here!!

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