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IGN - _UberWolf


General Age Range - I am 16 years old.


Where did you find out about the Server?- Im actually an admin on another server by the name of btwolves and i would love to meet new people after spending most of my time on there. I did some searching and hve always wanted to join a smp server like the ones on youtbue but they all require u to be able to record and upload sadly. So i went to and did some digging and i found yall. 


What kind of player are you?- I'm a survivalist,builder,new redstoner,community person lol. The whole point of me joining servers is to really get to meet new people and building in a area where we can all congregate and survive off each other. I enjoy redstone but still learning and experimenting.


Lastly tell me why you would like to join the server. I'm not asking for 5000 word essay but a little more than I like vanilla would be nice -  As ive said many times before i enjoy meeting new people.For as long as i can rember i have always wanted to join a server like that of hermitcraft or any smp that brings teh players together and allowing them to be a big group of friends.It would also be nice to take a breake from the being in charge and just be able to relaxe and talk to people without being judge to hard lol.I really hope you accept me but i understand if you dont. Thank you for your consideration. (sorry for any spelling errors im dyslexic and cant seem to spell correctly lmao)

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Welcome to the server

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