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Constant Sorrow
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I'm a fan of UHC as I'm sure most of you are.

I've considered this for a while but now seem like a good time.  

The server has the most active members its ever had and I thank you all for playing and by
way of a small thank I plan to have a UHC.  The plan is as follow but NOT set in stone.

1. To hold it in the not too distant future.
2. To hold it at the weekend.
3. It would be all v all event.
4. In order to hold it for a couple of hours the main map would have to come down.
5. Because of 4, anyone who died would enter spectator mode.
6. Winner would be memorialised at spawn on the main map in some way.

If you would like to partake, have any questions or anything else comment below.

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I think it would be awesome. Maybe make a hall of fame  for the winners, like in Mindcrack, in case we decide to do it again.


-MrPancakeMix6 here!!

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I like UHC. consider some rules such a Nether access or strip mining. would you go for a shrinking world border? Just a thought on the immortilisation, would it be possible to enable player heads on the main map? the winner could have thier head placed on a wall of fame, (they would have to be ceremonially killed of course to get it!)


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Constant Sorrow
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I think standard mindcrack rules. No Regen, No strength 2 no strip mining. But as with the world boarder its all
open ot discussion, that why I posted it here.

I've looked up tool Xisuma show a while back for setting up a UHC and it looks good.  I've downloed it and
done a preliminary test.

As for the memorial at spawn,  My current plan is a hall of somekind  with a armour stand statue with players head and info and winner will get a minecraft apple/golden apple head.

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Basically, they only have the "No Strip Mining" rule so the episodes are interesting.

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Constant Sorrow
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"Keeping episodes interesting" is not the only they have that rule.  Digging tunnels is an easy and fairly safe
way togather resources.  There have been episode where extensive time has been spent farming, grinding
gravel, thats by no means the most interesting thing to watch.  But sometimes wheat is only thing to eat and you need flint for arrows.   UHC isnt meant to be easy and part of that is looking for gold, diamonds and lapis.  Both play mindcrack and hypixel had no stip mining rules for that reason.

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