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Constant Sorrow
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It's my understanding that CaptainJack knows the loction of the stronghold and most people 
seem to want to learn to fly with the elytra.

It is my hope that as many as possible will be able to participate in the first dragon fight.  
So we need to arrange a time, given that we are spread across several time zone this isn't 
going to make it possible for everyone to attend.  But in 1.9 we can respawn the dragon and
those that miss out can still battle the beast.

It is my intention to add the command block that is used on hermit craft to make the dragon
drop an elytra so that we don't all spend months lost in the end looking for a set.

I would like the fight to happen next week either Tuesday (17 May) or Wednesday (18 may)
 evening around 8/9 BST.  That would be about 3/4pm EST, 2/3pm CSTand 12/1 PST (I believe.)

If you can make either of theses time let me know below.

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I can't make either because I have school until 2 PST


-MrPancakeMix6 here!!

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Constant Sorrow
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Posts: 61

These dates are not set in stone.  I am open to moving the day and or time to accommodate people.
I believe the first dragon fight should be a communal event as such would like as many as possilble
to take part, Once the fight is over the would Egg will be displayed at spawn at a momument with the
date and participants names.

If a later fight works on either day let me know same for if a different days works/


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How was the fight?

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