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Hi, I'm interested to see if I can join your server. My name is Jon, 40 years old, been playing MC for 3-4 years now. My approach towards server playing is based on the Hermits, I watch and follow these guys and would love to be part of a community with a similar ethic towards the game and its players. I am courteous in chat and with regard to building in proximity to other builds. I play most days for a few hours, like to build, use game mechanics and get to a stage where I can comfotably noodle around making things look pretty. More than happy to chat/discuss any proposals which may affect server tick rate before thinking about doing so, things like farms/grinders etc. I'll put a few photos in my member profile of my SP world in case anyone is interested. The main reason I would like to join is I am getting burnt out in SP only, I would like to see other builds and chat to get inspiration and learn from others. Let me know either way. Cheers Jon

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Welcome to the server Captainmoomoo

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