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IGN - MrPancakeMix6



General Age Range - 15/20



What kind of player are you? Survivalist - Builder/Community minded. I am usually solitary, but do enjoy hanging out with friends.



Lastly tell ne why you would like to join the server. I'm not asking for 5000 word essay but a little more than I like vanilla would be nice.

I have been searching for a Private SMP sever for a while now. Ive been primariy looking for 100% vanilla, but have made exceptions. Not one of the servers that I have applied to has responded to me, so its been getting annoying. I would appreciate if you would let me join your server. I feel that I would be a good addition to your community.


-MrPancakeMix6 here!!

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Constant Sorrow
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welcome to the server

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