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Constant Sorrow
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The 2 images were tweeted by dinner bone with the messages:

"Sometimes when developing features I make mistakes. Sometimes, I can't help but just stop and giggle at
them. Oh dear " and  "Seeing a left hand feels really, really weird"

It would appear that we are getting left arms the first imaghe shows both, althought at weird angle, this could be
 to part of the combat update as there had been speculation that it might include shields. Shield in one hand
sword in the other makes perfect sense but then in the second image we are just the left arm so maybe not,
maybe we will have the option of choosing with arm we are going use.  I am personally left hand in games lile
counterstrike I prefer to switch it over to the left so that was feature would be cool but I think introducing both
hands would be interesting.

How to control independant hands?, the left and right click are currently used for different actions which have
been part of the game forever, how would a change in controls go down with the communtiy?
The controls are embeded into very player, the come very natrually and you use them without a second thought.
How easy would it be to learn new controls? Do you want both arms? New Controls System?

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I'm so excited for this update, particularly because I love using bows (To the point that I never have a sword equipped!), but that aside you raise a very valid point about the controls. My assumption would be that the shield will give a passive defense, perhaps dependant on which direction monsters are attacking you from. Although a much more interactive feature would of course be preferred! ^^

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Constant Sorrow
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Dinnerbone has since said the "shield slot" is better thought of as the "off hand slot" and that you'll be able to
choose which is the main amr left or right and that it will be visable to other players.  They are also removing
sword blocking as you'll block with your shield so it looks like there will very little change to the controls.  
Though anything he says about 1.9 at this point shouldn't be taken as final.

Also Jeb has tweeted that he is working on a new dungeon with blocks and mobs which souds promising.

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I Defy you green text man!

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