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So today Dinnerbone posted a new tease to the 1.9 (combate update) 
As you can see there are 3 new slot on the inventory screen.

The first is what appear to be a shield, the second is a quiver and the third is for arrows. You may or may not be aware 
the quiver has been in the game for a long time, or rather the image has but was never implimented.  It can be found 
in the texture files, looking at the image it seems that there are 4 new types of arrow.  A bronze tip, a black tip and 
green tip as well as a bulkier yellow/gold tipped arrow.

Do you need a quiver to hold your arrows in order to fire them?
Are the arrows "in" the quiver the active arrows? & would you need to swap them out to use a different arrow? Also does this mean the end of the Infinity Enchantment?
On face value it would seem, looking at the image that answer is Yes, Yes and Yes. But I have further questions will the new arrows will have different uses?
Will they have effects? like harm or slowness?
Wil it be that different arows do different damage? Say green tip will do more damage to zombie than Skelly? But this last question opens the combat update itself up to questions. I am up for new weapon and such provided they are not just for PVP. I don't mind PVP, I play Blitz Survival on hypixel or Survival game or UHC on Playmindcrack, It can be fun to kill others. I do however prefer PVE in general, actual survival in minecraft is too easy. The sorrow server is set to normal because it has a range of players on it. I, when playing single player will have it on hard to make harder but there comes a point when that isnt really a challenge.
These new weapons and such will be good provided the mobs in game get an overhaul also, if they are as easy to kill in 1.9 as they are now whats the point? A PVP combat system doesn't benefit the average survival player, it would just mean a much longer wait till an update that means something to them, and the time between updates is already getting to too long, the lack of update has already cause some folk to lose interest. Mobs need a better fighting AI, when a Zombie has a sword, he needs to use it. Enderman need to tougher, Enderman were once something I fear to look at, now I hunt them for sport. Maybe the a few new hostile mobs are need? Tougher mobs? Witches are the scariest mob (excluding cave spiders**) you'll come across because they have several attack option but still once you learn to swing a sword and switch to your bow you've mastered survival. Let me know what you think. ** Cave spider down random spawn, you enter mineshaft you'll know eventually find them. Witches can pop up anywhere.
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