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Constant Sorrow
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So you whish to join the server?

It's simple tell me why. This is a private white-listed vanilla server as such we have to be careful who we accept!

All I need is some basic information.

IGN - Your in game name is needed for the whitelist.

General Age Range - 10-15 / 15/20 - 20/25 .. etc. The majority of member here are over 25, I have nothing against younger member, I've played on servers with people of all ages and some of the younger one have the more mature heads on them but anyone playing here is expected to act in a mature manner. It's just nice to have a general idea.

Where you found out about the Server.?

What kind of player are you? Survivalist - Builder - Redstoner - Loner - Community minded - Etc.

Lastly tell ne why you would like to join the server. I'm not asking for 5000 word essay but a little more than I like vanilla would be nice.

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