Constant Sorrow

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If you are a member of the server please consider joining the website and the discord so you can connect with other members.

Website Membership

21 July 2018

Current the widget used for membership to website is broken and web-host is aware of it.  Until this can be fixed, if you do wish to join us on the minecraft server you can read the application rule and apply via our discord (link to the right)

- CS

1.13 is coming and it is awesome

18 April 2018

The 1.13 update is coming and it is going to be awesome.  The Block ID system has changed and we are getting Creative logs, stone slab bricks, button, trapdoors and pressure plates in all the wood type, Stripped logs.  Slab and stairs for all the prismarine types.  
The New Phantom mob and drowned zombie.  Plus Turtles, Dolphins and actual fish swimming about is the all new ocean with coral, ship wreaks kelp and more stuff I've probably forgotten.

As with the 1.12 we are going to reset the server for a new season.   In the coming weeks I will be posting the community discord with polls and questions about the new world.  Please join up on discord to be part of this.

With exception to the BTC7 and few others anyone who's not been active on the server will be removed from the white list.

- CS

JSano19 Hospital

I downloaded the Mindcrack season 4 map and took a little trip out to the JSano Hospital.  Decided to give the morgue a little refit.

Below is a link to the changes, it is hosted on Imgur

Last Video....


Donations are greatly appreciated but never solicited. If you do decide to donate, please remember that they are non-refundable.